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Special circumstances may require overnight visits.  We will make every endeavor to accommodate but have limited personnel and will require advance, paid in full reservations. 

Sleep Over

Noon Walks

We realize the importance of your pets.  With more than 28 yeas of experience taking care of furry family members, we enjoy their unconditional love and trust and know that you want only the very best for your kids.  Pet care is not just a walk in the park.  It's knowing your pet and responding to its individual needs in a positive way.  That is what we do and that is exactly why you want one of us from YourPawsBecause to care for your furry family member when you can't be there to do it yourself.  Select us as your Pet Sitter,  you'll be so very glad you did!

While you are on business or vacation your pet sleeps in its own bed, eats it's regular food and gets individual play time.

Pets are wisely selective

Professional pet sitting for your furry family in your own home.  No need to subject your furry kids to Kennel Cough shots.

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Pets are happiest and much healthier when they can romp in familiar areas and not subjected to the illness or stress of many other animals in a kennel.


Some times all that is needed is an afternoon walk. Your pet depends on you to provide for its care while they provide you with companionship  and unconditional love.

Daily Care