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Visits between 6:45 am - 7:30 pm

You can relax assured your pet will  get the care and attention just as if you were there to do it yourself.

After feeding and potty break your pet will get the favored ear or tummy rubs, play time and cuddling to let them know they are special. We can take in your mail and paper, switch lights off or on and open and close blinds to give that "I'm home" look.

​​ approximately 45-55 minutes

Mid Day Dog Walk

Vacation or Daily Care

Getting to know us


When you must be away from your home for a long day your pet will welcome a relief walk and potty break.  Just the exercise and sniffing will do wonders for your pet.

Mid day dog walks are available Monday thru Friday between 11:15 am - 1:45 pm, only.  Holidays are excluded.

 approximately 25 minutes.

If your pet has special needs or separation anxiety you may require sleep over in lieu of Vacation or Daily Care visits, or your furry  may need a combination of both.  We will make every endeavor to arrange a slumber party but can not guarantee a sitter will be available when the need should arise.  Therefore, advanced, paid in full reservations required for Sleep over service.

 approximately 8-1/2  -  9:00 hours