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​​ Rates                                                                                   Holidays* billed at time and a half                                                                                                    the base rate, payable at booking.  

Pet Sit   6:45am -   7:45pm ............ $17.50                               *New Years Eve Day

Pet Sit   8:30pm - 10:30pm............. $21.00                               *New Years Eve

Each additional dog ......................  $ 1.50                                *Easter

Each additional cat .......................  $ 1.00                                *Memorial Day

Dog Walk - mid day   Mon-Fri........ $16.00                                *Labor Day

Additional dog on walk ................. $  2.50                               *Thanksgiving and following day

Sleepover Care ............................... $75.00                                *Christmas Eve Day

Each additional sleepover pet...... $10.00                                 *Christmas Day

Medication (Pills or drops at visit. $ 1.00                                  Holiday Cancellation Policy:

Emergency VET Transport per hr.. $22.00                                 Cancellation two (2) weeks prior to first visit is 50%

One hour minimum, .35 cents per mile, plus any additional                                                             refundable for entire schedule and will be given as 

.time is billable in 1/4 hour increments.                                                                                                credit toward future service.  Cancellation one (1) week

Meet & Greet New Clients required....... $10.00                                  prior to first visit is 25% refundable for entire schedule

Payable directly to sitter at time of meeting.                                                                                           and given as credit toward future service.  Cancellation less

Client should provide (2) keys at that time to avoid a later pick up charge.                                         than one (1) week prior to first visit is non-refundable.

Farm Animal service available, call for rate.​

Pooper Scooper service available, call for rate. 

Payment and cancellation policy (Holidays excluded):

Payment is due for the first scheduled visit when a reservation is confirmed, balance is due upon arrival of the sitter on the first visit of the appointment.  We accept cash or check only at this time. 

Cancellation:  Our sitters schedule their days based upon your reservation.  We require confirmed advance

notice of cancellation twenty-four (24) hours prior to your first scheduled appointment for a 100% credit to be issued to your account for use on a future service.  Less than 24 hours but more than twelve (12) hours confirmed advance notice prior to your first scheduled appointment will result in a 50% credit to be issued to your account for use on a future service.  Any notice less than twelve (12) hours  results in a non-refundable charge.

Disclaimer Statement:  Your Paws Pets Sitting Service, LLC, the members, employees and sub contractors, will not be responsible for

(1) Damage to carpets, rugs, floors, walls, plants or lawns caused by clients' pet urinating, spraying of defecating on same.  Every reasonable effort will be made to clean up messes caused by clients' pets that are found by the sitter with cleaning materials provided by the client.

(2) Sickness, injury, loss or death of clients' pets through non-negligence of pet sitter.

(3) The condition or security of fences, doors and gates for areas to which pets are confined.  Clients should insure that confinement area is secure and safe to the pet.  Your Paws Pets Sitting Service, LLC  is not responsible for the condition of leashes or collars used in walking or controlling movements of pets.  Clients should insure such equipment is in good working condition.

(4) Your Paws Pets Sitting Service, LLC will not be responsible for any injury to pets during Slumber Party nor damages caused by pets while at Slumber Party.  Although extreme supervision will be used, accidents can happen.

(5) Your Paws Pets Sitting Service, LLC is not responsible for any break-ins at client's house while caring for pets.

(6) Client is responsible for bank fees or charges incurred due to returned or NSF checks.